Sunday, November 20, 2011

We're three -- bring on the batteries

You may recall our goal to remain battery free until age 3. We did end up with a few battery powered toys and devices over the last few years (see year 1 and 2), but think we did pretty well keeping toys of this type to a minimum.

In his third year, Hank received two battery powered greeting cards, several used toys (most were donated -- the only one I can think of that stuck around was a GeoTrax set), an R/C car (batteries were removed as the car was too frustrating for him), a Toy Story Woody doll, and a Happy Meal toy or two that lit up.

The third birthday party unleashed the battery power. Almost every gift Hank received has lights, noises, and/or scuttles across the floor. Some are welcome additions, like several Hot Wheels sets. Others, well, may be sneaking out the door to Goodwill before the next barrage of batteries hits us for Christmas.


Favorite of the day: Cute gift idea

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Patty Biermans said...

I wish that all the battery toys would be removed from the stores!!! But that's impossible, I know. So I give only non-battery toys as gifts. hugzz..peebee