Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in a cozy cabin

This year for Thanksgiving we rented a cabin in the San Bernardino mountains with my parents. It is a location near where we camped this past summer -- headed up towards the very popular Big Bear, but on the back route, Highway 38. This is the type of cabin that operates more like a motel versus a private home rental. It probably would have been better to rent a house based on how tight our accommodations were, but making do was part of the fun. I mean, check out this kitchen

and stove

Can you imagine making Thanksgiving dinner here? Fortunately we had brought mostly pre-made sides and a Honeybaked ham, so didn't need to fuss over things too much.

My mom and I made the cabin festive with decorations brought from home. I still wanted to have a special table, so I made some paper cones filled with gourmet caramel corn and put the plates on gold chargers (staged shot).

If you want another laugh, here is a pic of our set table

Just a little on the small side, lol.

The randomness of mountain cabin decor always appeals to me. This gem was hiding under my twin size (haha - we slept I Love Lucy style all weekend) bed

and this little guy gave us heat all weekend

(Shown with a gift for my mom -- just set here for the shot)

We thought it might snow on Thanksgiving day, but the low hanging clouds quickly passed through. We did find a bit of snow for the little guy to play in, though.

Most of the weekend was spent working on ornaments for Small Fox's swap. The deadline to ship them out was this past Friday. I got them all done and ready to go, and mailed them out from the cutest post office ever

Delivered by Monday, guaranteed.


Favorite of the day: Is there time for this?

Working on: Tree decorating


Cristina said...

Your table cracked me up...I love it! Too, too cozy. Did you bring the chair covers too, or were they included in the cabin? Looks like you guys created a lot of memories this Thanksgiving.

Jennifer W. said...

No, the chair covers were part of the funky cabin decor. On the other side were two bar stools, lol. I asked BT to go ask if we could borrow another table and 2 chairs, but he didn't want to, so this is what we got.

April said...

there has to be time for that little guy. i am going to make one this week.
the cabin looks like so much fun. small spaces are the best if you're with family (or friends! :)

Anonymous said...

So much fun and I agree, you have some amazing memeories to share for years to come. The post office was adorable. Glad Hankster was able to find some snow to play in too.