Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Fox swap ornaments

So you may recall that this year's tree will be a ho hum run of the mill one. I decided last year that I would no longer do a unique theme tree for Christmas due to the waste involved in buying new ornaments every year. Of course if I had things down like this gal, I could make a unique tree every year with maximum impact but for little cash. Mary rocks!

I do have a few dozen ornaments on hand to decorate a traditional tree, but will need to add to the supply to fill a whole tree. I knew I wanted to join an ornament swap this year to get a few new homemade ornaments, and was lucky to get a spot in Small Fox's swap. The number of ornaments you sent was up to you, and you would get back as many as you sent in. I was able to complete 5 before the deadline, and am looking forward to receiving 5 in return.

Earlier this year, I saw this post using vintage curtain rings in a few different ways. I had one of those omg -- I need those NOW moments, and hurried over to etsy to buy a bag o' rings. I think the batch I bought had 25 rings. I knew at the time that I would incorporate some of them into Christmas ornaments, and figured the rest will languish in the craft closet for an unspecified amount of time. The snowflake cross stitch motif seemed neutral enough for a swap. I packaged the ornaments in glassine envelopes held shut using the Shim technique of skewering the package closed. For this project, I used collar stays as the "skewers."

Will post the pretties I receive as soon as they arrive!

Favorite of the day: Another great ornament

Working on: Prep for more ornaments

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