Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rock...Robot Rock

Planning for Hank's 3rd birthday party started before his 2nd birthday party even happened. Fingers were crossed that the theme -- Robot Rock -- would still be applicable a full year later.

Around the two-year mark, Hank and BT sang a version of Daft Punk's Robot Rock. They made up their own lyrics -- something like Robot Rock coming to your town. Robot Rock going to party down. There was also this ad from Kenneth Cole cut from a magazine when Hank was just a wee one that served as inspiration.

A cardboard band set -- the possibilities were endless.

(Our version ended up having a drum set, two mics, two guitars with amp, and a keyboard)

I got to work planning using Pinterest as a guide. Some preliminary thoughts were using paper fans to represent gears, having a paper streamer backdrop behind the band set, a prize dispensing robot, glow stick centerpieces, and, of course, the band set itself.

This was all planned taking advantage of our still yet unfinished yard. I figured we could use our extra long driveway for seating, and have a bounce house directly behind the house to prevent kids from wandering out of the yard through the open fence or into the neighborhood cat box. Yeah...hoping to report some progress on the yard front in 2012.

(Homemade cake-- and a random carrot)

Mother Nature had other plans for us, with a prediction of rain and cold weather the night of the party. My sweet husband took the reins and called around town until he found a pizza place that could accommodate us. The "party room" wasn't really a room, and was pretty tightly packed with tables, but we came up with ways to adjust our original plans to fit the new space.


One thing that had to be adjusted was the prize robot. If the party had been at our house, BT was going to be the prize robot, walking around the party and dispensing prizes. But, we figured there wouldn't be enough room to walk around the restaurant in a cardboard robot outfit. Originally the kids were going to use robot bags I found at Walmart to collect the random prizes they received. I had enough prizes to assemble the bags half in a robot theme and half in a rocker theme. Part of the fun was choosing a bag randomly to see if you were a rocker or a robot.

Other adjustments worked out just fine. The cardboard band set (barely) fit in an open spot by the emergency exit.

(Future rock stars)

I spray painted a paper lantern with silver Glitter Blast to serve as a disco ball. The streamer background I had spent too long cutting not to use became a backdrop for the food table.

The glow sticks still worked in the dark space as a table decoration, and pre-lit bracelets were available to the kids in a jar.

There were pictures of robots and rock stars to color on the tables.

My friend, Jenn, even found a small place to put the paper fans that were originally intended to be a backdrop for the food table if the party had been at home.

A fun element several friends helped assemble before the party were these candy kebabs. I found several gummy candies on the Oh Nuts site that seemed to fit with a Robot Rock theme, including gummy stars and these cubes. The twist we added to the stick was a marshmallow robot. We put a small piece of spaghetti through the back of the "head" and forced Jujubes onto the ends. The faces were drawn on with edible ink. Jenn re-painted the box we used at her daughter's party to use as a holder.

(Hank was sad at this point because he thought he was going to be the robot. Not as sad, though, as poor Kylee in the background)

A special treat was having the rock robot come dance to his theme song. Hank was upset at this point in the party, because, you see, all week long when BT was constructing the costume, Hank thought he was going to be the one coming to the party dressed as a robot. BT wished he had had time to make him a mini robot costume as well.

(Kylee recovered from her robot scare and rockin' out)

All told, I was actually glad the party venue was changed. I was a little worried about using our tiny house to host a party of 40+ people. Also, the food was taken care of, and most of the clean up.


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Working on: Cutting out more Josephs


Patty Biermans said...

congratulations on your sons birthday and on a GREAT party!! Must be wonderful to have parents who give away such a party!!! hugzz...peebee

Heidi said...

Amazing, as usual! That robot costume is totally cool, and I love the items you chose for the goodie bags. Really great all around!