Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Goodie Bags


That was a whirlwind! This past weekend was proof positive that I am NOT meant to be a party planner. Hosting two parties in one weekend totally expended my mental and physical resources. I can't imagine having additional parties in the works that you would need to concurrently be planning for. I give the ladies in the party planning biz plenty of props!

Before we get to the parties themselves, here are the goodie bags Hank brought to school the day before his birthday. A pirate theme was chosen to use some cute Ziploc type bags I had picked up a few months ago at the Target dollar section. There were two sizes of bags -- a sandwich size and a snack size. I knew I wanted to fill the larger bag with Pirate's Booty, but knew that the school prefers packaged items. During Halloween, I had my eye on a 20 pack of snack sized bags of Pirate's Booty at Target. The box itself was printed for Halloween, but the bags inside were not Halloween themed.

Two days after Halloween, my co-workers and I were on our daily shopping trip when I asked if we could stop at Target (not the Target we normally go to). We found a whole end cap of Halloween Pirate's booty on sale for $3.50. BUT, best of all, there was a representative from the company there passing out dollar off coupons and "booty" like eye patches, tattoos, and stickers. Such a random but welcome coincidence! Between the three of us, we filled a cart with boxes of Pirate's Booty. We must have looked like crazy women, but we felt like we had found a hidden treasure.

I also bought the foam eye patches at Target. I thought they were a little friendlier for the young kids. The goodies bags were completed with a red bead necklace, gold chocolate coins, and a box of raisins. I made a sticker to adorn red lunch bags and tied them off with a piece of ribbon. They were well received by kids and parents alike!

Next up - Hank's Robot Rock birthday party.


Favorite of the day: Cool clay gift tags

Working on: Cutting out Josephs

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Patty Biermans said...

Congratulations! I always, just like you, admire people who can do partyplanning for a living. I like one party a year, that's just enough for me :D. hugzz...peebee