Monday, November 07, 2011

A dirty gift

I consider myself pretty well educated in environmental issues. It's my job, for one, and two it just feels right to implement small lifestyle changes that preserve our resources.

Just recently I realized a mistake I have been making in terms of of reducing plastic bag usage. I have been taking cloth bags to stores for years -- long before there were designer reusable bags and cities adopting bans of plastic bags. But -- when I went on a trip, I took it for granted that there would be a plastic bag available for dirty clothes in the hotel room, or, if we were camping, that I would use a garbage bag.

A reusable laundry bag was in order. I made one for our family, and one each for the women who helped with the Great Pumpkin baby shower. The best part was that one of these women had just given me a large stack of fabric she kept after her mom passed away. She was touched that I used the fabric to make a useful and practical gift.


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Patty Biermans said...

It's a great idea!!! I use plasic bags to but I'm gone make me a cloth bag! Thanx a LOT!!! hugzz..peebee