Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheers! It's a root beer baby shower

The other big party I was working on this month (the day after the Robot Rock party, mind you) was for a friend's baby shower. This was the same friend, Lena, from work who had the Great Pumpkin themed shower.
Lena's husband is in the beer business, so I suggested root beer as a theme for the shower (root beer being the baby version of beer -- get it?) She loved the idea, and another friend, Grace, and I ran with it.
The colors were brown, light pink, hot pink, and white. There were a couple root beer flavored items, and we also thought of decor ideas that would represent bubbles or foam. For example, adding a pompom cluster above the table seemed foamy

and a runner I made for one of the tables had circle appliques (very poorly done -- glad they were mostly covered by food!) to look like bubbles.

Grace and I had a lot of fun decorating the table. We both love Pinterest, and found a picture of a cute root beer themed centerpiece (with brown marbles to look like root beer and white flowers to look like foam). The amazing part and what let us know this shower theme was meant to be was finding out that the mama-to-be already had giant mugs we could use (remember the beer connection) and Grace found brown marbles on sale at a Borders going out of business sale. Who knew Borders even sold something like that -- and only brown was available!

Also on the table were root beer mugs filled with root beer barrel candy (found at the dollar store). Grace made the little name charms -- aren't they cute?

I made cupcakes and stuck a striped straw in to represent root beer. Yes, they were supposed to be root beer flavored cupcakes, but I did not realize that you needed root beer extract to do that, and wasn't about to go running around town looking for that the night before the party.

Another Pinterest find was to wrap water bottles with fabric to look like a diaper. Very cute and easy detail.
For food, there was initially a stronger root beer focus, but we shifted towards things we actually wanted to eat. There was pulled pork and chicken salad to make sandwiches, caprese bites, fruit skewers, sweet potato fries served in fry sleeves from Webstaurant, and

beautiful root beer floats! I love it when parties and weddings use these tall skinny glasses to serve drinks. The "real" glasses were cost prohibitive. I couldn't believe my luck to find them at 99 Cents Only store -- and they were two for 99 cents! I was thrilled to see this element of the shower come out just like I envisioned. Fortunately I didn't spill them passing them out on a hot pink tray.
There were several games and activities. We had guests fill out their return address on Thank You cards for Lena to use (I went to a shower that did this years ago, and like to do it at showers I am part of. One less thing for the mom to think about.) They also wrote a piece of advice for Lena on a cardstock onesie to put in a memory book. Lena also brought a fingerprint tree that a cousin made for her and was filled in at her family shower.

Our games included a door prize raffle, the "don't say baby" game, a game to identify celebrity baby pics, and a game I created to do a root beer taste test.

Guests were given small cups filled with 4 root beers. They were asked two questions about each brew -- things like describe the color, or at which meal would you drink this root beer. Their responses were then put into a Mad Libs type story about the future dad dealing with a pootastrophe. It was fun to come up with the Mad Libs (used this site for some guidance), and just to say in case you need it that there is an entire website devoted to poop related stories. Why???

The shower was a blast to put together, and everything went off without a hitch. I was worried having two parties back to back, but all told everything went very smoothly!


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Heidi said...

After seeing your gorgeous root beer floats in those tall glasses, guess what I'm totally craving right now? YUM!

Patty Biermans said...

Sounds like a great party!! hugzz...peebee

baby shower photo invitations said...

I love those decorations on the chandelier!

sweet little sister said...

Gorgeous party. Isn't Lena lucky?! I love every little detail! I love the colors, the cupcakes, name beads, it's all PERFECT!!! Well done :)