Saturday, October 01, 2011

Room for a big boy

As mentioned, we are in the process of revamping all the rooms in our house. Some rooms (bathroom and kitchen) have always been put aside to wait until we do a total over-haul. The other rooms have been addressed to some degree -- some more than others. Even those that were "finished" three years ago are starting to look a little shabby -- it is so much work to keep up with a house!

Hank's room was the second most finished room after the guest room, so we are starting with the easy projects. His room needed some updating regardless to accommodate his new big boy bed. Other projects included adding baseboards, which were not present in either bedroom, and some touch up paint.

The focus point of the room is the large art print from Ikea (via Ebay -- I swear I saw this online just a month before we went to buy it and then it was nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for re-sellers!) I thought we would have fun looking at some new element of the drawing every night. So far we have talked about "toe jam pizza" and the farting elephant.

The bed is a platform bed with much needed storage, and I found -- after much searching -- a sorta reasonably priced organic mattress. So difficult to find a) natural products for twin-sized and up beds at a reasonable price (if we're sharing sources, I bought these non-vinyl waterproof mattress pads for $38 -- unfortunately looks like they are out of stock now on Amazon) and b) toddler products that are not character focused. I wanted to use items in the room that seemed like they would hold his interest for as many years as possible. Most of the Target non-licensed boy bedding seemed too juvenile, and I wouldn't attempt to buy licensed character comforter even if I wanted to for the one whose interests change on a weekly basis. In the end I went with a plain orange bedspread and a fun set of sheets (plus this set).

To your right: This was a very cool and unexpected solution. Up until this point, the wall with the painted squares held two plastic toy storage bins that were open on top. I didn't mind them too much, but BT said they had to go. I knew I wanted some kind of desk for Hank's room re-do. I found this "bench" at Ikea, which can house a freestanding drawer on casters. The drawer, which surprisingly holds more toys than the two plastic bins, can be rolled out of the way and a chair put in its place

It's the perfect solution for the space!! Speaking of the wall with the painted squares, not sure if I showed you the new decals we used to replace the jungle animals? Well, if not, you can see a few of them in the pics above. They were purchased from this etsy seller.

I have wanted to use this storage solution just about forever. Still debating about leaving the art supplies out all the time. The initial interest in scribbling over every surface of the house has faded (maybe only one clean up per week versus ten per day), but still gets cumbersome. The scissors are definitely off limits if he is not being supervised, as we have lost several articles of clothing to Hank Scissorhands (no hair yet, but I'm sure the dots would be connected on that one soon enough if the scissors were more readily accessible).

Moving to the other side of the room: Due to the location of the bookshelves, we could not push the bed all the way up to the window or we would not be able to open one of the drawers. This left a gap of 5 inches or so at the foot of the bed. Enter another Ikea based solution. These collapsible storage bins are shown on the package with the opening on top. There are also numbers printed on the side, so it would make sense to use them this way. The stylists at our local store, however, made a wall in one of their displays comprised of these bins with the opening facing out. I thought it was so clever! Putting the bins this way fills this weird gap and allows for Hank to store some of his little friends.

In buying this house, we vowed we were going to stay away from Ikea. We look at other alternatives, but more than cost it is design that sends us back to the giant blue box time and time again. Those Swedes really do think of everything! Now we might as well just go with it and go full Ikea catalog mode, lol.


Favorite of the day: Considering the generous yardage, this is a great value and so so cute. Just need to determine which print I would use for a few projects.

Working on: Making sure my ducks are all in a row


horse care said...

Love the way you've used those storage bins, those soft toys look adorable peeping out like that.

leslie said...

wow!! i love hanks room and that ikea storage box is super cool.