Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Filling adventure

In buying a few pumpkins to use as decor for this party, I justified the expense by saying to myself that I would later turn the pumpkins into pumpkin pie filling. This past Friday was probably the worst day to try this endeavor, as we were scrambling to put together some last minute costumes and I had promised Hank a ride on the big orange balloon, but still gave it a go.

The pumpkins

After baking


and I even made some pepitas

A backed up sink, broken cabinet door, and a sprinkle explosion (the kid was decorating cookies during this time) did not deter me from my goal. Puree is frozen for now in anticipation of the day I feel like taking on a completely made from scratch pumpkin pie.


Favorite of the day: Remember my black and white Halloween party? Wishing I had seen something like this back then.

Working on: Baby shower decor

1 comment:

sweet little sister said...

The baby shower is quite original! Great Pumpkin and the peanuts gang are awesome. I love how you were subtle about it, but that the decorations and food were consistent with fall. Lucky Lena!
And what season did you add to the pepitas? Curry powder? That seems odd to me, but maybe it's delicious..
What did Hank think of that big orange balloon?!
The black and white party featured lots of marshmallows ;)