Friday, October 14, 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin baby shower

In planning the work shower for my co-worker, Lena, another co-worker indicated that Lena liked the Peanuts gang, and that we should have a Peanuts themed shower. I consider Lena one of my good friends, and we had never once talked about the Peanuts (and this is with her knowing about our regular trips to Knott's, so there was ample opportunity for her to throw in an I love Snoopy if that was the case).

So, I discreetly asked Lena if she liked Snoopy and the gang, and received a resounding yes! She adores all the holiday movies in particular, and her love for Charlie Brown is the reason Charlie is a name in the running for the new baby (a girl, btw).

Peanuts it was. But, I didn't want the shower to be too focused on Charles Shultz's lovable characters, as this seemed too obvious and little kiddish. The month we chose for the shower was October despite the baby not being due until January. Since Lena had mentioned that she liked the Peanuts holiday movies, so It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown came to mind. I started an idea board of fall themed food and thought of some decor ideas that would evoke the feel of the movie. Namely this involved painting a backdrop of a dark Halloween-y sky, making clouds out of paper bags, and a cardboard moon with Snoopy's silhouette. Unfortunately these didn't hang too well, but we found a place for them.

Another party planner and I had a selection of Peanuts characters to use as decor.

Other items used were more traditionally harvest themed (scarecrows, hay bales, etc.)

I helped make this cute diaper cake

and we just *had* to have a clothesline hung with cute clothes

We had a lot of fun putting the food together. We had a brunch theme, and served a co-worker's amazing homemade spanakopita and a chicken pot pie from Costco for our main dishes. I made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies,

chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and doughnut hole acorns for sweet treats.

We kept the games simple and just did a nursery rhyme game and a pumpkin trivia game. I wrapped the prizes for the game in fabric Furoshiki style. For favors I made Martha's pumpkin favor pouches. I used the stick of Tootsie Roll Pops as a base for the stem.

Lena liked her gifts, and seemed particularly smitten with the blanket I made for her :)


Favorite of the day: Oldie but a goodie

Working on: Hank's Halloween costume


telfair said...

Wow, you really outdid yourself - everything looks fantastic! What a great theme!

Heidi said...

What a fun theme! Another great party. Love the little pumpkin favors!