Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Still coming down from the sugar high, but here is a look at Halloween 2011.

First, Hank found the perfect pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch (100 degrees that day, hence the shorts). Then, every time the phrase "Jack O' Lantern" was uttered this month, he would pull a stool in the kitchen up to the counter where the pumpkin carving tools were temporarily being stored. We put him off until the Sunday before Halloween, but then that pumpkin had to have a face.

We had to think of a way to involve Hank in the process, but not be subject to his frustration when the tools wouldn't work the way he wanted to (not to mention any injuries). So, we came up with the idea of having him draw a pumpkin face that could be used as inspiration for the carved version. I drew the main circle, and then he filled in face and ears. BT re-created the face on the pumpkin -- the little one was ecstatic to see his drawing come to life!

We also had a visit from the Great Pumpkin.

Although the Peanuts story has the GP coming on Halloween night, I have made an executive decision that he will come the night before Halloween so mine, I mean the Great Pumpkin's, treats can be the first ones of the day.

Next on the agenda was a fun filled parade at school. I "made" Hank's costume using an adult sized sweatshirt. I used this as my inspiration, but a note to fellow crafters interested in making this costume -- the potential for this looking like a Klan costume is high, so beware. I ditched the tutorial's hat for an embellished stocking hat, put felt letters across the chest, and used black for all the under pieces. The ghost mittens were from the dollar store.

Now, I do not even consider this to be a homemade costume -- just a creative use for existing clothing (similar to last year's costume). But, can you believe that this was the only homemade costume in the whole school? Multiple moms came up to give me props for making his outfit. Ok, if you say so, but this is nothing compared to the homemade goodness that comes out on Halloween.

Later we went trick or treating with friends. So fun to see Hank grow up and gain an understanding of things that make childhood fun. Granted, he is still young enough that his whole bag of candy could disappear today, and he would never ask about it. Poor naive little child...


Favorite of the day: Too busy to look!

Working on: Baby shower prep


Patty Biermans said...

He looks so happy in it! I love the costume and I'm proud that yours was home made! Shame on the other mothers to buy something. Maybe they wil be so excited about your costume that they make one themselves next year. Or you could do a workshop for making halloween costumes :)) hugzz....peebee

Cristina said...

I think it is soooo sweet that you had Hank design a pumpkin and then carved it. :) That's awesome!

sweet little sister said...

Yay for Halloween! I agree that "his" pumpkin turned out awesome, ears and everything- too too cute :)
The ghost costume turned out darling <3 I love it!
My dear sister-in-law wanted to do a homemade costume on her two year old, but when she (my neice) saw the neighbors Disney princess costume, she was dying to wear it. S-I-L got her the Snow White dress and was just happy to have an elated little girl. The two snow-whites skipped all around the neighborhood in their matching dresses, hand in hand. I don't know if the story is telling of Halloween's to come, or if she'll warm up to a homemade costume..? We'll see