Saturday, October 08, 2011

Channeling my inner Benita

Surely you already have Benita's wonderful blog on your list of favorites, but if not, click on over and add her to your blog reader asap.

Since I've been reading her blog, Benita (who lives in Sweden) has kept herself busy working on renovating and styling two houses. A typical post of hers starts with a "before" pic that, to a non-perfectionist like myself, looks quite good enough. Benita then does her magic and then - wow - you suddenly want to run for some sort of scraping device and a paintbrush. I love everything she does -- from refinishing a ledge at the top of her stairs to designing a beautiful custom coffee table.

I'm sure Benita has a similar kit to the one I have assembled in response to our recent room refreshing projects. It is such a pain to haul a whole can of paint in to the house every time you want to do a touch up. Plus, the likelihood of mess (if you are a klutzoid like me) is high. So, I used small Glad snap top containers to hold small amounts of paint. Fortunately we only have 4 paint colors in the whole house (three of those are white), so they fit in a plastic shoe bin along with two mini touch up kits and a couple paintbrushes. The Glad containers fit nicely in my hand when I am using them, and so far have opened without dripping.

My mother-in-law also used a similar technique for keeping a house full of kids looking fresh and clean. I'd much rather re-paint than scrub a wall :)


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Karen Wiederhold said...

What a fab idea! I was just looking at my walls this morning on the stairs and asking why boys have to trail their fingers and hands up walls? hmmm

sweet little sister said...

Great idea! Though most of our house is crappy old wood, I still think this would be effective for the white walls in the lowest level. Clever, thanks for sharing