Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Party time!

We had our little celebration at work today for a special boy who turns one later this month. The theme was "vintage toys."

(Pardon the cords -- despite what you see in this post, we do work here)

I bought a ton of Hank's toys from home to use as decor. My co-worker is an avid thrift shopper, and she also brought a selection of toys and books. Here is the dessert table

I went on baking overload Tuesday night and made the birthday boy's smash cake, the big b-day cake, M&M cookies, brownie bites, and lemon squares.

We were also celebrating the birthdays of two men who have birthdays in September. It's funny -- celebrating events in our office has gone to a whole new level with the passing of our manager. One, he was always pretty reserved about "common" celebrations (birthdays, etc.) I don't think he wanted people to think we were just goofing around all the time. Now, we like to imagine he is looking down on us saying "don't sweat the small stuff." Two, in addition to losing Steve, we have collectively lost 17 friends and family members since October of last year (and we are an office of 10 people, folks). Any little cause for celebration, and we are ready with noise makers, balloons - the works.

The table was decorated with a huge piece of vinyl fabric my co-worker found at the Disney outlet store for $1 (we're thinking it was used to make Buzz Lightyear costumes). She also found 1st birthday cut-outs and vintage games to spread along the length of the conference table.

People were immediately attracted to the games -- this party definitely brought out the kid in us.

The pin the tail on the donkey game was actually used by a few good sports. Also shown are the garland and crown shared earlier this week.

Everybody had a great time, and the birthday boy dug into his cake with both fists without hesitation. The men's cake nearly set the building's fire sprinklers off.


Favorite of the day: Sometimes it's the simple things

Working on: Debating if I should switch back to a never-ending project or start prep for the next party.

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