Monday, September 12, 2011

Party planning season is here again!

The party planning is back in full swing! In the next three months, I will be either helping with or planning solo for a 1st birthday party, two baby showers, and a 3rd birthday for our little munchkin.

First up is the 1st birthday party for a co-worker (the little guy celebrated here -- my how time flies!) This was supposed to be a little celebration at work, but a co-worker and I bought two tickets to Crazy Town, and are sure to overdo it. Nothing expensive, mind you. The theme is vintage/classic toys, and we have a lot of those to use as decor between the two of us.

I made the birthday boy a crown from Amanda's The Creative Family book and used Dana's recent tutorial to make a happy day felt garland. Bully for me, most of the shapes I used were pre-cut from a felty craft lot I won on Ebay years ago. The garland will be draped around a booster seat.

Next up: It's fun to make adults do childish activities :)


Favorite of the day: Such a fun idea for Christmas (sorry - did I say the C word?)

Working on: Fire engine rehab

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willoweb said...


I am commenting on a different post about your combi stroller. I had the I thru and LOVED it. Unfortunately it was stolen two days ago. Iwant another one but can't find one anywhere as they don't sell it anymore. If you still have yours I would love to buy it from you.

Please call me email me. I am in north county San Diego:)

Thanks. Love your blog