Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I had to start some place... I started with gifts!

A co-worker who is also a good friend is having a baby come January. I will be assisting with a work shower and a shower for friends. The work shower is next month, and I had a special gift in mind.

This is a friend with whom I can share all the trials and tribulations of trying to eat healthier. Her own eating habits during pregnancy are enviable. She eats two huge salads every day, minimal carbs, and lean protein. Sure, she has cravings (McDonald's ice cream cones are her downfall), but this kid is going to have a taste for healthy food.

Boy or girl, I knew my homemade gift for her would focus on fruits and veggies. I had a great piece of thrifted fabric in my stash printed with farm animals and apple trees. It served well as the backing for a simple tied square blanket and two burp cloths.

I intended to make three onesies for her using small felt veggie cut-outs, but lo and behold the mama-to-be registered for three similarly styled (though much more professional looking) onesies. The price for all three was only $10 -- how could I resist?

I also made her a nursing cover loosely using this tutorial, but copying the shape of the one Shanna made for us. Finally, I made two bibs using some of the fabric used in the quilt and lined with gingham flannel. They close with Velcro.

Freshly picked for a healthy mama and her baby!


Favorite of the day: Fun craft party!

Working on: Another new baby gift

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so cute.