Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gift #3's another gift for my co-worker. You may recall that I am co-hosting a friend shower for her in addition to the work shower? So I needed a gift for that shower as well.

I decided to do a basket of a few of our favorite things. Some are marginally favorites, but rather things I had on hand in my gift box. Others, like the Kushies washable changing pad and the Munchkin Snack Catcher pretty much defined our journey through the first few years.

Here are the items included in the gift basket:

1) Robeez (definitely a fave!)
2) Mesh feeder -- not for food, but rather for ice during teething or stomach bugs
3) Keepsake items (admittedly had these on hand, but do like the handprint we did)
4) Cute socks (also on hand, but the mama-to-be LOVES these socks, and we did enjoy using the boy equivalent of these)
5) Washable vinyl backed changing pads
6) Book for pictures of friends and family
7) Swaddler
8) Stroller hooks (ours was low tech compared to this one, but came in handy often)
9) Snacker (couldn't leave home without it during the second year)
10) Cloth diapers (used for us on top of the changing table -- prevented having to wash the whole changing pad cover if there was an accident)


Favorite of the day: Looks like a great place to eat

Working on: Sleep!

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Jane said...

Great tips! I just added a bunch of those to my registry.