Friday, September 23, 2011

Gift #2

This is the group gift from from our office

It includes the mama-to-be's requested bedding from her baby registry, a book, and a cuddle toy in the most perfect basket.

I have a tendency to "loop" at stores if I don't see what I am looking for. I keep going back to the same section in the store, and re-thinking in my head how something could work with the resources available. My mom is guilty of the same thing, and it drives our husbands crazy. I stood in front of the basket section at Michaels for half an hour at least trying to figure out a basket solution that would work for the baby items I had already purchased. I didn't even see this basket in the beginning -- it was only after some digging and re-thinking things that I landed on this one as a solution. Usually looping is a wasted effort, and I leave the store empty-handed. This is probably the first time it has worked, and will probably encourage me to stick it out longer than I should the next time I find myself at a store in the looping mode.


Favorite of the day: Lots of cute Halloween food ideas here.

Working on: Dollies two

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