Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everyday Luau

If you do a search for activities that would fall under the umbrella term "everyday romance," you will almost most likely see a suggestion to buy flowers and/or set a romantic mood using flower petals, candles, whathaveyou. I suppose everybody has different takes on the significance of gestures such as these -- let me tell you mine.

A couple of our appetizers. Hank made the confetti for the "tiki party."

1 - We are on a relatively strict budget, so flowers (or anything temporal) seem a little frivolous right now.

2 - We don't have any place to put cut flowers in our house. I know that sounds weird, but I really have no logical place to put flowers where I can enjoy looking at them during their brief sojourn other than the dining room table, and that location is subject to a toddler who will inevitably knock over the vase, a cat who will most definitely eat said flowers and puke them up, etc. Which brings me to --

3 - The anticipation of mess (cleaning up cat puke with flower bits in it, scraping dead bits of flowers out of a vase full of gunky water, cleaning smeared on flower parts from the bedspread if my husband decided to do the most over the top romantic gesture known to man and sprinkle rose petals on our bed) would prevent me from fully enjoying a gift of flowers. He would get more of a Thanks, these are great response versus the Oh honey, I LOVE you (cue wife flying into his arms) response he was hoping for.

I think the key to everyday romance is deciding what is romantic to an individual couple (ok, so most women really do enjoy the flowers) and, if you are creative, how you can still accomplish romance with kids in plain site. Take dinner, for example. What was your favorite restaurant when you were dating? Did you like a sushi place? Why not buy a pack of pre-made California rolls and have everybody try their hand at chopsticks. The kids will think you just exploring a new cultural food, but you and the hubby will be sharing knowing glances all night. If you want to bring a tear to his eye, write the name of the restaurant you used to go to on his paper napkin (or make a paper napkin ring if you use cloth). The prep takes just minutes, but the thought and consideration are priceless.

My tiki guys

For me and BT, the place we are missing most post-kid is this one. Without an extra room, our tiki supplies are currently gathering dust in the garage. Sure, there are *big plans* for a tiki shack in the backyard, but you know how that goes. Every other project will likely take priority over that one.

Next time I'm going to make my own orgeat syrup!

But, I figured, I could bring a little tiki indoors. The decor items shown were mainly from our party supply bins, and rather hastily put up with masking tape. The kid had a ball helping, and couldn't wait for the "tiki party." BT was well on his way to becoming a seasoned mixologist when the tiki room bar was in full swing, but life and laziness (much easier to pop open a can of beer) and all the other "stuff" had made it so he hadn't made one of his well-balanced and delicious mai tais in over a year. I put together the ingredients so he could mix a few drinks to help us remember the good old days (or forget -- the drinks are pretty strong...)

Classic mai tais are really boozy

This look a little more time to put together and implement than most of the ideas on my running "everyday romance" list, but it was very much appreciated.


Favorite of the day: Any one want to move with me to Finland?

Working on: Laundry. At the laundromat. I miss my dryer...


Patty Biermans said...

Most important.....have a good time all the time!! hugzzz...peebee

April said...

so sweet. oh a mai tai sounds so yummy right now. you don't have a dryer ???!

Rebecca said...

Love it! What a great idea. I still think of you when I see tiki stuff.

Jenn said...

Ohhhhhhhhh.. how we loved coming over and having those amazing mixed drinks in the fun room!

You are so inspiring to me.. now I need to come up with something as clever as your theme.. what a wonderful idea!