Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Welcome to the 'hood

A special gift was in order for some new neighbors, as we have not had neighbors on this side (a rental) for quite some time. Using this idea (via Edible Crafts), I made a little sundae kit as a housewarming gift.

The kit includes several toppings, homemade hot fudge syrup (recipe on the page linked to above), and ice cream cones. The topping containers were purchased last year at Cost Plus, and can be used for their intended purpose as ice cream cups once the toppings are used.

I also made a small container of ice cream to include with the gift. The carton was saved from a baking mix from Fresh & Easy. The container holding the sundae toppings was also a reuse project -- it originally contained wooden blocks.

Hope they enjoy this sweet gift (and they are willing to serve as our advocate with the owner of the house to get our mutual fence re-built!)


Favorite of the day: Such a great idea! (via Craft:)

Working on: Camping preparations


Jane said...

After a hot day of unpacking the ice cream will be a welcome treat indeed. Such cute packaging!

Jenn Maruska said...

I wish I had neighbors like you! : D