Monday, August 22, 2011

Pet peeves

There are many, sadly. Just this a.m., I was reminded how much I loathe the gardener who feels it is appropriate to blow the trash -- grocery bags, bottles, and all - from a bar parking lot not just into the gutter, but straight out onto a busy highway.


Another pet peeve, these bags

This is the type of bag our bulk foods store uses. There is just one size -- ginormous. I suppose that seems logical on the surface, as you should be buying food from the bins in bulk, not "bits," as is more often the case for us. But, here's the rub. If you did decide to fill these bags with something heavy like flour, for example, you're going on a wing and a prayer that the bag will make it home to a more permanent storage bin without ripping somewhere along the way.

Solution -- some cloth bags specific for bulk foods (not produce). The bags are really simple, and used some of my favorite fabrics. They were finished with a zigzag stitch at the top, and french seams on the sides. I will still use the little plastic clips where you write out the bin number to close them, so no cinching or closures needed (I will bring a few rubber bands). I only made one large bag, a few medium-sized bags, and lots of small bags for the small bits we like to try. The bags will add a little more cost when the items are weighed, but not really concerned about it.

The city we live in recently enacted a plastic bag ban (applies to the check out bags -- not produce or bulk food bags). I know folks were a little grumbly about it at first, but it makes me happy to see folks entering the store carrying their reusable bags. Such a simple change to make, but it will hopefully prevent a wayward bag from littering a parking lot to be blown out into the street (grrr), down a storm drain, and out to the ocean.

Wonder what kind of containers people will bring to this store?


Favorite of the day: Love the backdrops

Working on: Ironing board spruce up


Patty Biermans said...

You are absolutely right!! There are to many plastic bags. Here in the Netherlands there are a lot of little bags, made from cloth, for sale that are folded up just as big as a small apple. Maybe that's an idea to make. hugzz...peebee.

April said...

Cute. :)
I have been wanting bags to replace sandwich baggies ever since Hank's party when you made all those bags. (Those bags are one of the kids favorite things to play with! I try to keep the 2 in the drawer with our baggies to use as baggies...but they always end up filled with Hot Wheels, legos, doll clothes.....

Lap Dog Knits said...

I knew before I finished reading your blog that you had to be someone living in California....then I looked...and're right down the road from me.!!

Let's hope these fun sacks catch on around the rest of the country.
Reputation has the west coast a bit ahead of the bulk of the crowd.

Fun bags...I'll look for you while I'm shopping at my local veggie stand.