Monday, August 15, 2011

I love PDX

Finally FINALLY made it up to Portland, Oregon!

This is one of those meccas that calls to craft bloggers across the U.S. We see posts from our favorite bloggers and know that Portland is definitely the place to be.

My visit was even easier, as my best friend bought a condo here several years ago. She was a great tour guide, and was up for going back to the same old places she has already visited with all her other guests. Here we are hiking Multnomah Falls with lattes purchased at a stand at the start of the hike -- how Pacific Northwest is that!

The focus of our trip was definitely eating. I was unaware that Portland had such a big emphasis on food trucks, and you see parking lots full of them downtown as well as random trailers set up in shopping centers on the outskirts. Unlike L.A.'s "roach coach" types trucks, the Portland food trucks are mostly housed in trailers. So hard to narrow down what you want to eat, as every food type you can possibly imagine is represented here!

A trip to Voodoo donuts was a must. We also drank many local brews, as well as attended a food festival. So much for that diet plan!

One of my favorite elements about Portland was McMenamins. I can see this is a concept locals either love or hate, as the brand is so pervasive throughout PDX. But, I think many outsiders would appreciate their quirky style and ability to make a historical site useful to the public again -- and somehow be all about drinking! We attended an 80s night at the Crystal Ballroom. We also had dinner at Edgefield, which is basically a resort for drinking, with 10 or so different bars all in one location. This is also the company that runs the popular Kennedy School.

Here are a few spoils from my trip

Beer for BT from McMenamins

Book for Hank from Powell's

Craft supplies from Craft Warehouse (didn't make it to Bolt or Fabric Depot this trip, which was probably a good thing for the trip budget!)

Drink menu from a tiki bar called the Alibi, which claims to be the oldest tiki bar in the U.S.

Guide from Bite of Oregon Food Festival

Apple and rosemary filberts purchased at Saturday Market

My friend could have chosen any place (literally) in the world to buy her condo, which was purchased in anticipation on her husband's upcoming retirement from military service. Sooo glad she chose Portland!


Favorite of the day: Still catching up on blog reading

Working on: Party plannin'


Cristina said...

Looks like you had a very fun trip! I've seen Voodoo doughnuts on Man vs. Food, how was it? You and BT can renew your vows there someday and I'll go eat a bacon doughnut in your honor.

April said...

SO excited for you that you went to Portland! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Full of Heart said...

I have loved Portland the three times I've been there, definitely can't wait to go back! Thankfully one of the husband's brothers lives there and I think we're going for Thanksgiving so it'll be sooner than later!