Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy (very belated) Birthday

to my dear friend, Barb. Barb and I have had an ongoing swap of sorts going on for years now. Whenever we get a box (or envelope) of stuff ready to ship out to each other, we do. These shipments loosely correlate with birthdays or Christmas, but no worries on either end if they are (months) late.

This box started with a set of pig salt and pepper shakers. Barb has a group of friends she refers to as "the pigs," so I am always on the look out for pig items for her.

The rest of the "stuff" in the box was rather light -- some magazines and a book,

(from the 99 Cents Only store!)

a set of Hawaiian candles, a few odds and ends. I had a hard time choosing just one item from Cost Plus's rad new "birthday market," but I ended up going with the birthday pasta. The matchbook came with the calendars used to make my 2010 Christmas cards, and looks like this on the inside

(on the outside I used a sticker sent with a purchase from Elsa Mora)

There also were two containers used -- one, a set of lips, originally held a lip-shaped piece of chocolate. For this gift, it was filled with red hots. A set of bone paper clips was repackaged in a container that once held dice.

The focus of the package was two homemade items. I made Barb a finger pincushion, as the pattern for this idea (to use a plastic bottle cap as the base for a pincushion) came from her.

I also made an apron using fabric she had sent to me previously. I knew I wanted to make her an apron, and just kept coming back to the cat print as I shuffled through my stash.

Always nice to ship out a package to Barb, though I'm sure a new pile for her will start building up soon enough.

Favorite of the day: So many cute elements here that could be translated to any party

Working on: Housewarming gift for a new neighbor

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Jenn Maruska said...

That apron is especially pretty!