Monday, July 18, 2011


My pal April is one of the most stylish people I have ever met. Actually, her sister and mom are pretty chic as well, so they are collectively some of the most stylish people I know. They have that natural ability to make eclectic decor items look right at home and find new uses for seemingly mundane objects. Don't like a kitchen floor? Cover it from end to end with small, colorful indoor/outdoor rugs. Inherit a tin of buttons after a grandmother's passing? Make a cute jar to display not the buttons themselves (like Captain Obvious here would do), but all the extra bits and bobs that found their way into the tin over the years, and probably all had a story attached to them.

I love going to all of these women's houses, as there is always something new to see - a new furniture arrangement, the largest crewel piece I have ever seen bought for a steal and employed as a stylish cover for an A/C unit, an alley find dresser painted to look like something that would cost hundreds of dollars on Anthro, a new mural painted on one of the walls, etc. If they start blogging some day (hint hint), I hope they share their walnut tree Advent calendar tradition -- truly inspired.

April taught me a lot about thrifting/ garage sales even before I started reading blogs (which introduced a whole other list of "must have" items). The items shown above were all picked out as a little voiced whispered "What would April buy?" as I browsed the the thrift store shelves. Something I always am on the look out for in my thrifting adventures that make me think of April are etched wine glasses (etched designs like flowers or vines -- not cheesy etched wedding favors) and cordial glasses -- she has an eclectic collection of both. It is fun to shop through her eyes.

As a little "just because" gift, I knit April a potholder using the rest of the "yarn" from this project. I am cleaning my craft room boxes (again), and the rest of the shredded sheet was in the use it or lose it pile. It is always good to treat yourself to a brainless nearly foolproof project after having a craft fail, I have found.

BTW, April's mom keeps her sheets in ribbon tied bundles. Seeing her beautiful linen closet makes you do that type of sigh you unwittingly do when you see something that makes your heart sing.

(They are probably super embarrassed I wrote all this -- love you girls!)

Favorite of the day: So cute!

Working on: An apron


Carol said...

Thank you Jen for all your kind words. So you remember my linen closet bundled sheets? Wow. One never knows the impression they might have on someone else.
Being inspired is the appeal of blogs. Your ideas and talent have transported me to many new projects.
Jennifer, April and I have thought about writing a blog together. Maybe someday.

jennifer said...

jen, thank you for this. i have been feeling kind of in a funk, spurred on in part by a long list of projects i want to do (most half finished going on months... or years). this makes me feel better. you too are an inspiration (the best thematic party planner i know)! good luck with your organization.

April said...

Jen! :) I have been trying to come up with words- Thank you! for a day and here I am with nothing better than thanks!!! Written words don't always fail me but often they do...and it takes me forever to get any down! :) I am so glad to have a friend like you. Hope to see you soon.

April said...

OH and that potholder!!!!! I love,love the colors.

Jennifer W. said...

You gals are all so great!!