Thursday, July 14, 2011

This works

Bugs are not uncommon at our house. Nothing gross, mind you, but en masse they can be annoying (ants!)

We have had fruit flies before -- maybe 2 or 3 hovering over a piece of fruit that was past its prime. Throw the fruit away -- flies were gone. Recently, the house was taken over by those little buggers. They were flying in every room, and would set up weird places to rest, like on our guitar. Every day there were more and more of them despite having all the obvious sources of food hidden.

We first discovered their breeding ground (a back door trash can that had not been emptied), and then looked for a solution for the literally hundreds of flies that were inside the house. I recalled seeing something about setting up a trap for them using a glass with apple cider vinegar in the bottom and a paper funnel with a small opening. BT was doubtful, but I set it up, and within minutes we had captured our first victims. Within a couple hours, we had probably caught over 100 flies. Soooo gross! Hope this never occurs again, but if it does, apple cider vinegar has been bought in bulk.


Favorite of the day: Various Bastille day shots, like this

Working on: Perhaps a vest, perhaps not

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