Friday, July 22, 2011

Since we are gushing about creative friends...

...I'd be remiss if I did not mention Cristina.

Cristina, giver of the dinosaur sweater shown here (which hopefully will fit Hank this winter!), is well-versed in knitting, crochet, and sewing - an all-around crafty girl. Her sewing projects are more complicated than anything I would ever attempt, and I am way jealous that she can whip out cute Amigurumi in no time flat (it I recall correctly, a child's size tea set was made during a cross-country flight?)

For Hank's birthday, Cristina gave him a copy of Harry by the Sea and a cute crocheted version of Harry the dog. Cute in its own right, but doesn't the swoon factor zoom off the chart when you see that she also made a piece of seaweed to drape on him (in the story, Harry gets wrapped in a piece of seaweed, and people think he is a sea monster)?

As a "just because" gift for Cristina, I made her a finger pincushion.

The pattern was given to me by Barb as part of a recent package. The bottle cap was not from the container bin, but rather the bin that is used to save actual trash (well, recyclables) -- there is a difference.

Warning: These pincushions are totally addicting to make!


Favorite of the day: A-dorable grill toy

Working on: A gift for Barb (you'll never guess what it is! Oh wait...)


Violet said...

Aww I remember reading this book when I was young. Just an absolutely adorable rendition of Harry and his seaweed.

April said...

So cute. She is so talented. We love that book around here.

Cristina said...

Ahhh, are too sweet. You've been part of my inspiration to take crafting head on. I even started a blog of my own.