Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self-proclaimed master dollar store gift giver

We go to at least two birthday parties a month now it seems (*fortunately* Hank's cousins live out of state, or that number would undoubtedly be much higher).

Although a gift category has (thankfully) been added to our budget, it is not much. So, we have to be creative about the gifts we give. I have a few bins full of bits and pieces "curated" over the years -- items bought on clearance, leftovers from swaps, etc. I check these bins out first to get a starting point and see if any themes jump out at me.

The latest party was for a 4-year-old girl you would swear is Tinkerbell in the flesh - she is so cute and spirited! In the stash, I found the natural watercolor set (clearance purchase from Michaels), a Disney reusable bag (swag from a friend), and bubbles topped with a flower (part of the set purchased for another gift). To these items I added a paper pad, a "yarn by number" set, a set of beads in a flower shaped container, an unfinished birdhouse, and foam stickers to decorate the birdhouse. The pad was purchased at Kmart for $2, and the other items were from the dollar store for a grand total of $6 (in current dollars -- BT is first to remind me that money was spent on my gift bin items at some point). Together the items seemed like an arts and craft kit for a woodland sprite :)

Perhaps the key is starting with some "real" items and then filling in with dollar store items. In any case, I don't feel like the cheap ass I indeed am when I give these gifts.


Favorite of the day: Planning lots of road trip stops near frequently visited places (via Ohdeedoh)

Working on: Nada mucho

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Heidi said...

Jennifer, I am always just amazed at the creative gifts you put together. You also package them in interesting ways, and I think at least 30% if not more of the gift is really in the presentation! The elements may be simple & inexpensive, but it's how you put them all together and the whole they become at the end that's special!