Sunday, July 24, 2011

I wanna be a cowboy

Lots of pretend play going on around these parts as of late! Hank is really into dress up, and creating stories and alternate uses for mundane things (e.g. yarn can either be a spider web or spaghetti depending on his mood).

I am sooo excited to make some elements to assist in his play adventures! To date we just had a box to stow various hats and accessories, but I see we need some type of rack to store bigger items -- will have to think about an option for something like that in our tiny house...

The vest above was made using this pattern and was made in part to attend an event at a local Western museum. The vest was worn willingly for the entire day, but took second fiddle to that device on the floor -- boys!


Favorite of the day: Enjoying looking up pictures and movies from the early 1900s that explored things that were unknown at the time -- it is like an early version of sci fi.

Working on: Another fun filled day :)

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Patty Biermans said...

He looks very tough in his outfit. You must feel very safe with him around the house. Especially with him sitting on the horse. Great picture!! hugzz...peebee