Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fail X 2

There are undeniably two extremes in blogging -- on one end of the spectrum, bloggers who paint a seemingly idyllic portrait of life at home (kids always willing to model clothes mom made for them, mom herself is a stunning bombshell, and nobody in the family ever gets laid off, kicks the bucket, or drops an heirloom earring down the sink). Then there is the OTHER extreme -- bloggers a little too willing to take you on the roller coaster that comprises their daily life. I try to temper the personal stuff and focus on the projects that brought you here in the first place, but real life definitely rears its ugly head here at The Felt Mouse often...

For me, there is no shame in presenting a craft fail. I learned a lot, and still managed to salvage something out of it. I present Exhibit A (or F?)

Let's see -- where should we start? Well, I guess we should start with a positive. This is a Work Basket project - a vest for Hank. It was made from a rad vintage jersey fabric that came as cutting scraps in a bag from the thrift store. I followed this pattern, which was a tutorial for a sweater vest made using a larger sweater for fabric. The pattern is well-written and so sweet, and I thought I could modify it to make a vest from my scraps. I was wrong.

The negatives include being waaay to small. If sewn correctly, this might fit a 12 month old, but not my little boy lovingly called Hank the Tank by his teacher at school. I traced a large vest, but something was lost somewhere -- a few inches in every direction, I'm guessing. Something just ain't right with the armhole on the right. My attempt at creating a waistband out of ribbed jersey was futile. Annnd somebody didn't realize that the print of this fabric is slightly diagonal. In case anybody is wondering, the neck opening was not finished intentionally, as I finally realized this was a fail with a capital F, and saved myself any additional work.

I thought and thought about how I could still use this cute turtle fabric now reduced to scrap bin sized scraps. If it was a cotton print, there would have been a few options to use small scraps, but jersey is kinda limited. So I looked at some of Hank's knit shirts. One had a poncho type pocket on the front -- that could be done with a scrap. One had a hood -- there was, perhaps, just enough to give that a go?

With the promise of a ride in the coin-operated space shuttle at the mall, I grabbed the little one to go shopping here. We bought this shirt in a boy's size 4. Why? We have a lot of 3T and 4T clothes right now, so I thought I would be clever and make something a little bigger. We were supposed to buy these shorts because they have that whole "match, but not really" thing going on, but we did not. Why? We're on a stinking budget.

We get home and I start cutting. Did I learn from exhibit A/F above that I should measure first? No. I just traced that hood from the shirt I found and hoped for the best. Now here's the part that let's you know how brutally honest I am with you guys. I could let you think it worked out just fine like that, but no: the hood was too short to go all the way around the collar. So, being determined and a little bit crazy, I packed the kid up again with another bribe to go on the space shuttle ride at the mall (totally true fact -- we have never had a meltdown at our mall, as bribes of snacks and rides on coin-operated toys and even a little ride on train keep him happily going up one side of the mall and down the other). I bought a shirt three sizes smaller than the first, which was also smaller than Hank normally wears. I got home and hastily sewed up the damn thing. The stitch I used and my execution isn't going to win me any awards at the county fair. And *of course* it is too small, but I kinda knew that would be case. After taking a pic on the floor instead of on the kid, it was thrown into the storage bin to be given to some unsuspecting nephew at a later date.

There you have it, folks. Not just one but two craft fails in one day. I am pretty tuckered out now, so I am taking my sorry butt to veg out on the couch. Tomorrow is another day, and I have some big plans to get reacquainted with things like the measuring tape, stretch stitch, etc.

* For the record, it is a chore I am usually unwilling to take on to get a decent shot of Hank wearing something I made (which assumes I actually made something). I am overweight and have never known what to do with my hair. My husband and I both worry about being laid off, and feel fortunate we have still have our jobs. My co-workers and I have nicknamed 2011 The Year of Death based on how many friends and family members we have collectively lost. The earring just missed the sink, thankfully, but that's where he was aiming. And "heirloom" is probably too strong of word -- more like sentimental.


Favorite of the day: I *think* this will look good in Hank's room

Working on: It's go time. UFOs on the craft table -- watch out!


Heidi said...

Did you see the DISASTER of a chair I posted last month on my blog? Epic DIY Fail. Also one that I managed to make worse. And now I've been without a desk chair for a month. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

Thanks for being real enough to confess that it isn't always sunshine and perfect projects at your house--I know that I always appreciate bloggers more when they're willing to be honest! I think we all feel that way and are willing to give ourselves a break for our own shortcomings when we realize that other people have them too!

mascanlon said...

Oh jennifer, it looks adorable, and you're right, no one would have known if you didn't tell us that it wasn't the right size....the vest well I've had those myslef.