Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Container Project

I am in the process of cleaning out the craft room (again). With time, the neatly organized bins shown here have become disheveled and stuffed so full that I cannot close them.

I can't deny that I am a hoarder, but I am an organized one. In general, if there is a designated bin for something and a new acquisition fits, in it goes.

One bin has become a little unwieldly, I guess in part because it does not have a top. In this bin are many containers I have collected from a variety of sources -- some came in the mail, some were left over food containers, some were bought for projects that weren't completed. I have about 30 containers here -- what was that about hoarding?

I will refer back to this post as I use the containers -- mostly as gifts so I am rid of them forever. Perhaps my trash will become somebody else's treasure :)


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Working on: Still organizing

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