Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Another wedding!

We were asked to help out with another wedding last month. The groom is brother to this guy. In similar fashion, we hosted a luncheon for the couple between the ceremony and the reception. The theme -- tiki! I can only imagine why we were asked to participate :)

(A virgin pina colada type drink was served. It was made with vanilla ice cream, and was super yum!)

The luncheon was held inside the church building in a classroom type setting. We had to be creative working in a drab little space. BT drew tikis on the chalkboards, for example, and on this wall

a full size bulletin board was handily removed to allow for a handmade sign to be strung between two swaying palm trees

The food theme was "tiki taco bar." We had a blast putting the food bar together. After finding a piece of mellow tiki fabric in my stash (shown here under the homemade taco salad shells that the bride's aunt made),

we decided to stick with a color palette of orange, green, and yellow. We were able to find many of the serving bowl in my stash and at the dollar store. Wooden serving spoons were purchased at Party City. I convinced BT's aunt to buy the brown vinyl tablecloths shown below from Walmart instead of plain colored ones. They are the Better Homes & Garden brand, which I typically would associate with country decor. In this case, they had a tapa cloth vibe that looked perfect under the chip and dip hats fashioned from dollar store straw hats

(The tip to making the salsa bowl stay in place? Soak the hats in water for half and hour and then let dry with the bowl placed as shown)

For the couple's reception, we were asked to revamp the photo wall and make favors. For the photo wall, the couple wanted to the same paper as we used previously (we had *just* enough - pshew!), and decided to use pictures of them growing up versus the wedding photos. It came out really cute! We used paper props mounted on sticks.

For favors, the bride wanted candy wrapped in little calico fabric squares. I made 200 of these little fabric wrapped bundles!

The bags were tied off with a hand written tag that had a butterfly punch on it. I also made a fabric wrapped word, "Love," to adorn the basket that the favors were presented in.

Finally, some leftover bubbles from this wedding were re-purposed for Sara and Tim.

They left the reception awash in bubbles. So romantic!


Favorite of the day: Wouldn't a knot tying kit be the perfect gift for a 8ish-year-old boy?

Working on: Prep for a busy weekend


Carmen said...

What a fun themed wedding luncheon! I love the tiki tacos! Very creative and clever!

sweet little sister said...

I can't believe how you can do sooooo much with so little. You're right, those classrooms ate a drab little space, but you made it downright amazing! How many of these have you done now?! You are mastering this. I'm super impressed. Should I spread the word or are you spent?! I hope you're making extra $$ on this :)