Monday, May 09, 2011

Up themed party

It all started with a link...

and before we could second guess ourselves, my friend, her husband, and I were planning an Up themed birthday for 3-year-old Maddie -- in about a week's time!

After a whirlwind shopping trip (7 stores, I think?), we got to work. My parts were easy, like this wreath (tutorial here -- I added painted chipboard letters strung on a piece of baker's twine)

Their tasks were much more difficult, like building and painting a dollhouse kit.

This is the kind of project most dads take years to complete, and gets ditched when the daughter turns 13 and states that she doesn't want a stupid dollhouse anymore (not that I'm talking from experience or anything). Maddie will have a lovely dollhouse to decorate as she grows older, and it was built in record time.

Conversely, BT and I assembled a cardboard dollhouse as a birthday gift and for the kids to color at the party

Maddie's mom was a busy bee as well, making these cute adventure books

They were so lucky to have access to a binding machine! Many elements were borrowed for the party, and you never know what somebody has lurking in a closet or a side yard.

The parents purchased these Ellie badges off etsy, and I packaged them up cute in cello bags adorned with a thank you tag from the birthday girl's professional photo shoot with the same photographer we used, Jen Disney.

Maddie seemed a much more willing participant than Hank to get dozens of cute as can be shots. We used additional pictures from the photo shoot for centerpieces

We borrowed liberally from the linked party, as they did such a wonderful job putting together whimsical elements representing the movie. So, we also had

Chocolate dipped marshmallows adorned with flags

Vintage-looking sodas

and Tootsie Roll Pops displayed like balloons.

One unique element we put together for our party was a photo booth. I used a blue tablecloth as a background and pinned on two felt clouds. I then put together several elements to represent Carl (the old man) and Russell (the Wilderness Explorer) from the movie. Initially I had a sports coat, black frame glasses, bowties, a rainbow-y bird to represent Kevin, a Wilderness Explorer sash, bandana, yellow hat, and pennant. As people came to the party, the prop bin grew to include several old man hats, a vintage boy scout hat (so awesome!), and a boy scout canteen somebody picked up for 50 cents at a rummage sale located near the party.

The photo booth was fun for old and young alike! Oh, and did I mention that we watched the movie alfresco, and had both cotton candy and popcorn for snacks? It was so much fun to help plan this whirlwind party, and the couple is already scoping out ideas for next year's party.


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Doodlebug Love said...

Can I just say that if anyone is ever looking for a Party Planner they should definitely use you! Jen, I want to thank you so much for all your help and your creative ideas. The party was amazing and surpassed any and all expectations that we had.

I could not have completed this party without your help and I am forever grateful! BTW was such a trooper and my Hubby too! In the end it was a complete party and you helped me to create memories for my family that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much for not only being a wonderful friend but also for being so talented, crafty and just plain AMAZING.

Looking forward to returning the favor when you are read to start on your Lil' ones Bday.

Much love to you!

Jenn #2

Heidi said...

I LOVE IT!! Incredible. The photo booth with the props is just killer! What a fun, fun party that must have been.

Kim said...

Wow, what a fantastic birthday party!! I am amazed with how many special details all of you were able to pull together in such a short period of time! GREAT WORK!!

Janets house said...

I love it! Wish my kids were still small...such wonderful ideas!