Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's on the calendar 9 months before April?

Wow - I didn't realize we had so many friends and family with April birthdays! In addition to this gift, we attended three other birthday parties this month where gifts were required (plus I still owe a gift to one of my blogging buddies, and another friend)

I am still on a fairly strict budget, so couldn't go all crazy. First up, a gift for a boy from Hank's day care

All items shown were re-gifts, but thought the bright colors looked cute together. I was too lazy to hunt for a piece of ribbon to attach the tag so I used a silly band instead :)

Next, a gift for the girl who received the upside-down apron last year

She had a horse riding party (hence the toy horse) and the color theme was black, white and hot pink with polka dots. Her mom had asked me a question about making candy jars as favors prior to the party, so I took the jar idea and ran with it. I made a large jar gift for the birthday girl using little bits and bobs I thought represented her. I bought a few items for $1 each at Walmart, but otherwise had everything on hand (sad, I know...)

During our trip to Arizona we were able to attend a birthday party for a nephew

I don't think I have mentioned it here, but I have been doing a very scaled down version of extreme couponing. I am totally reliant on blogs like Money Saving Mom and Hip2Save to indicate where the deals are an coupon matchups, etc., and don't have the know how to find all the wonderful deals on my own. I will show my first month's haul and the intended purpose for the items bought shortly. In the mean time, I was able to score a Buzz Lightyear Operation game for just $2! Walmart had the game on sale for $5, and there was a coupon in the paper (also still online) for $3 off an Operation game. You will note that the Amazon price is still over $13 - score!!

Finally, I guess this isn't technically an April birthday, as the baby is due next month, but I made a little monkey themed gift for a baby shower gift for a cousin

This ended up a little more pricey than intended, as I had to re-think the theme when an element ordered online did not show up on time. I scrambled to put the blanket together with mostly fabric on hand, and was pleasantly surprised to find a monkey printed sleep sack and toy during my last minute trip to Target (I had the unused sheet, the same one the mama-to-be registered for, in my gift bin).

May is still pretty heavy in the birthday department, but perhaps we can catch a break come June :)


Favorite of the day: Seeing downtown LA from the top of Los Angeles City Hall

Working on: May wreath ideas


Patty Biermans said...

I love the way you make a very personal gift with for all your friends. I think you'r very good at it! Great job, I'm very impressed! Hugzz...Peebee

MegaMi May said...

beautiful gifts! :)

Sia said...

Hmm.... 9 months before April? Let's see April is the 4th month of the year.

April - 3 = January.

Now, January - 1 = December.

3+1 is 4. 5 months prior.

December is the 12th month so 12-5 is the 6th month.

January - 1
February - 2
March - 3
April - 4
May - 5
June - 6.

So you've had people busy in June.