Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They are good eggs

My work family is like a second family to me. We are a small group, and have some very strong personalities amongst us. Despite our quirks, we find ways to come together and support each other.

I like putting together little treats for the folks I spend a majority of my waking hours with for the holidays and special events. For Easter, I filled plastic eggs with flavored Tootsie Rolls. I cut out orange feet from cardstock and mounted the egg on with a glue dot. I was going to draw on an entire face, but was pleasantly surprised to see two "eye holes" left over from when the eggs were made. All I had to do was draw on a beak :)


Favorite of the day: A "must do" if I can source all the materials!!

Working on: A shower gift

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nina healy said...

Very cute eggs! I'm so glad you like my trail mix. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding everything. I got the mini pretzels at Walmart. They were in those little 100 calorie snack bags.... But, you could use any chocolate covered pretzels. Instead of marshmallow cotton tails you could use yogurt covered raisins or peanuts. I'm sure there is something else to use for the ears too. Maybe gummy grapefruit slices? They are sort of pink triangles. Good luck and Happy Easter!