Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our friends

My best friend from high school has lived in Japan for the past 10 years. Whenever Mother Nature strikes Japan, I frantically send Joy an email making sure she is ok. Most times she assured me that they were too far from whatever had taken place to feel any effects.

(A couple of redheads hit San Fran circa 1996)

Such was not the case with the recent earthquake/tsunami/radiation disasters that struck Japan. Fortunately my friend and her family were far from the source, but very much affected by all that was taking place in the country.

My friend and her daughter, Natasha, decided to come back to the States for some time until things get stabilized in Japan.

We met up this past weekend to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The weather was perfect for this fun outing. We made a few gifts to give to our friends, including a hat packed in a little purse with bubbles and snacks, some patriotic conversation hearts for Natasha's brave daddy who is still back in Japan providing humanitarian aid, and a coffee cozy for my dear friend.

(The cool kids)

The kids had fun looking at the animals. In pointing out the okapi's zebra legs to Hank, he was astute enough to notice that the okapi also had a zebra butt. Where did we find this kid?

By the end of the day, the two were hugging like (the kids of) old friends.


Favorite of the day: ta-da!

Working on: Birthday gift


Patty Biermans said...

It's good to know that your friend is save and that you had a lovely day at the zoo. A day to treasure. Hugzz.. Peebee

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear your friends are safe. The kids are so cute! Love the gifts you made, you are a fabulous gifter. :)