Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter basket: Art basket

It should come as no surprise that with the focus on art projects as of late that Hank's Easter basket this year would have an art theme

(There is also a Snoopy slant thanks to our recent trips to Knott's)

The "basket" is a caddy we can use to store art supplies in the dining room. I use one of the bins from his closet for storing art supplies, but hate leaving the bin out in the dining room to clutter the space. The caddy will look a little more intentional.

I bought a few higher quality art supplies, including P'kolino pencils and crayons, Clementine paint, and Magic Mud. I found canvases for $3 each at Big Lots. The Snoopy items were found at Big Lots and JoAnn. One more thing I need to pick up this week is a color wheel.

Hope this leads to even more fun art projects!

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