Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swift kick in the a**

There are a lot of unfinished ideas presented here on the ol' blog. I have good intentions when I post a "before" shot, but don't always follow through.

Some things, however, are more important than your average unfinished sweater. Like, being more prepared for emergencies (promised here). Not much was done after making my little eyeglass caddy. Now, in light of recent events, I am back to getting things ready in preparation for a disaster.

First up - a car emergency kit. This isn't a car repair kit (jumper cables, etc. - though good to have those in the car as well), but rather the things you can keep in your vehicle in case you are stuck there in an emergency situation. My co-worker relayed a story from her friend who had to walk for 12 hours to get home after he had to abandon his vehicle as a result of the recent disasters in Japan. One of the worst case scenarios I have envisioned is needing to walk the 3 miles to pick up Hank from school and then 5 miles for us to get home in the event that roads cannot be used. So, it is good to have a few essentials in the car. In addition, if you are at home when disaster strikes, it seems it would be easier to get at things stored in your car (provided it is still there - and not in a garage) than dig through the rubble of your house after a terrible event.

Here is the kit I copied. I think I spent $30 total for mine including the blanket and backpack (we had a few of these items on hand, but not many).

Contents: backpack, blanket, first aid kit, ace bandage, water purification tablets, protein bars, duct tape, flashlight, batteries, whistle, flashlight (battery powered -- also have phone charger in car, but realize crank/shake version sold in online kit would be better), waterproof matches, dust mask, work gloves, disposable gloves, rain ponchos, a shower curtain for shelter, tissue, wipes, a journal, a leatherman tool (recently gifted to me - thanks, Tom!) and glow sticks.

I also keep my spare glasses and a pair of running shoes in the car, plus diapers, wipes, and the stroller in case we really did have to make the 5 mile trek. One thing obviously missing from the above is WATER. I like the boxes used in the online kit, as water left in the car in plastic bottles tastes funny and the bottle gets all bendy. Will most likely be ordering some boxed water from Amazon, and starting to put together the home kit next.


Favorite of the day: Lot of cute food ideas here.

Working on: Oh -- making excuses for not getting stuff done...

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