Tuesday, March 08, 2011

St. Paddy's Day gifts

There are sooo many ideas out there, either online or things you have seen at the store, etc., that one typically needs to take a step back and find inspiration - something to set a theme.

The inspiration for these gifts for our cousins was a mailing box. It is a small (very small) white box I had bought in a 5-pack some time ago to ship something that ended up way to big to fit inside (wish the booze hadn't killed the memory cells that held high school geometry info...)

What better way to get rid of 3 of the 5 boxes than to use them for St. Patrick's Day gifts?

Now, what to put in the boxes...

Well, there is always the popular chocolate potato. But, we have 13 cousins to buy for and, though we love them all dearly, I'm too cheap to buy a baker's dozen chocolate potatoes. Hmmm - how about one potato per family with a little info about the Irish potato famine? (pats self on back)

But, everybody deserves a little chocolate of their own, right? How about some chocolate coins? And, this was just posted - perfect for topping 3 bags of chocolate coins that were divided out from a single bag. Oh, and we can talk about the luck of the Irish. (feeling lucky)

To round it out, I used store bought buttons (the cheapest I found was 8 for $1 at Big Lots). Just had to cut the right number of buttons out for each family from the package and put them in the box. I linked the buttons to Irish pride. (proud of self for putting together a cute package on the cheap)

The little blurbs about the persistence, luck, and pride of the Irish were added to the inside of the box. Some fun stickers and packing tape were added to the outside, and voila! An economical way to send some St. Paddy's Day love to our 13 wonderful cousins :)


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