Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Paddy's Day ~ a day early

Since tomorrow, March 17, also falls on the weekly guys' night, we had our St. Patrick's Day dinner a day early.

Soda bread

Irish stew

and Guinness

Tomorrow while he is out drinking green beer, I will be at home wiping green boogers off the kid's face...

(Not life-altering info, but the masculine diminutive - for English names usually end in y - nickname for Patrick can be Paddy. Patty is then the feminine form of Patricia. Paddy, though, can be used in a derogatory way against the Irish, so it probably would have been good to just stick with Patrick. Or Pat - we know that works for both.)


Favorite of the day: The school details (and the fact that they met in 4th grade!) are so adorable.

Working on: St. Paddy's Day for the work family

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