Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not too much today

Since we had our main celebration yesterday, not much happened on St. Patrick's Day. A chocolate leprechaun left a trail of gold coins for Hank to follow to find him. Hank promptly devoured his head as a thank you.

I used the rest of the gold coins as little desk gifts for my co-workers. I little chocolate goes a long way in the public sector.

The boy didn't wear green - it was school picture day, and I chose an outfit a little more neutral. On the topic of wearing green, though, I was tickled to see a bunch of engineers and public officials at a monthly meeting that I attend wearing bits of green. I liked to think that maybe we could all hang out and have a beer some time (versus playing Beat the State Employee Like a Pinata - which seems to be their preferred diversion).

Pretty quiet day overall. Speaking of quiet, I suppose I will participate in the blog day of silence tomorrow. This was the first month in the almost 7 years that I have been blogging that I was committed to post every day - no excuses. But, sometimes things come that don't require an excuse, but compassion...

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