Monday, March 28, 2011

Not known for my follow through

Though I try so hard not to make too big of plans on this here blog, it does seem that I get a little over-eager at times, and may not follow through on my commitments.

One statement from 4 (yikes!) years ago was that I wanted to make all of the projects from the book The Crafter's Companion. I was truly excited when this book came out, as many of the contributors were craft blog "rock stars" in my book, and I was so pleased to see their name in print. Now many of these women have gone on to write their own books - so inspiring!

It looks like I made it through 7 of the 17 projects from the book back in 2007 (the library tote, patchwork clutch, tissue box cover, ice cream cone pincushion, market bag, fabric scarf and brooch, and pillowcase apron). So here is number 8 - a log cabin pillow via Lisa Congdon.

I have always wanted to do a pillow of this type, and was pleased to find all the fabrics in my stash (though I would happily go on a shopping spree of any fabric store and stock up, I am surprised what I can put together with what I already have - considering my fabric stockpile resides in a smallish 15 gallon crate). This is a present for the older Bluebird girl. The younger sister received a pillow for her birthday, so a pillow for the older sis seemed just right. Bonus points that her mom and my first craft endeavor back in 2007 was to see an art show by -- Lisa Congdon!

There are definitely some projects I am still interested in making from The Crafter's Companion, but revoking my *promise* to make them all. {sigh} Just file this blog under "manic" in your blog reader :)


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Working on: A work basket project (remember that promise?)

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