Monday, March 07, 2011

Christmas for the kid

Our intended destination for Christmas was to see relatives in Idaho. We wanted to keep gifts simple, mostly handmade, or have a rustic Little House on the Prairie quality to them (he received a pop gun in his stocking, for example). Instead, due to aforementioned unforeseen circumstances, we had a bevy of last-minute store bought gifts (sorry to admit it, but it was therapeutic to go shopping) and a handful of IOUs.

(We are eating breakfast in this pic, and not happy about mama snapping pics)

Time to finish up loose ends. First up were a pair of pj pants made using this pattern (enlarged to fit a 3T boy) and fabric bought from a de-stash by the talented Sally.

(We are in a much better mood now!)

Then, we have the Monkees hat, as promised. After the photo shoot this am, I was pleased to see this ended up in the backpack shown behind him which was later taken to school (along with a water sippee cup and 5 Matchbox cars).

The final gift is a very time intensive one, which was actually started for Christmas 2009. It would have been pushing it to complete it before this past Christmas, as I put it off until the last week (I was actually planning on working on it using BT's aunt's sewing machine). I am shooting to finish it before a road trip in April - wish me luck!


Favorite of the day: Kmart! I rarely go, favoring the Bullseye, of course. But, it seems Kmart always is the failsafe if I am unable to find something at Target or Walmart. Today's find - a new broom with matching dustpan - how novel!

Working on: St. Paddy's Day gifts

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