Sunday, February 06, 2011

His heart goes beep beep beep

Here is part of Hank's present for Valentine's Day

A robot made using one of Ms. Hillary's excellent patterns (the complimentary pattern to Space Boy). I had a lot of fun putting together the fabrics, and designing the control panel

I have a stash of robot printed fabric on hand, but didn't want to go overboard using it. Some can be found on the control panel, and I used a piece on his back, just 'cause it was so cute and matched the colors I chose for the rest of the robot.

Robots are also going to come into play for the Valentine greetings Hank is giving away! On the hunt for any cute robot inspired V-day greetings - have you seen any?


Favorite of the day: Ipod Valentine greetings

Working on: Cleaning and relaxing


vilterietje said...

great robot, he will certainly enjoy:)

Patty Biermans said...

Lucky person who gets this present!! Hugzz...Peebee

I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

cute 'bot!
...saw your garland on crafty crow-that came out really great! wish I had thought of that about a week ago...