Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

We had a birthday party today - a 3rd birthday for a little Valentine baby. I decided to make her a Little Red Riding Hood cape (using this tutorial - modified to use ribbons for ties)

Have you seen these cute story book Playdough sets?

I am kind of in love with them. Of course, there is a red Riding Hood set, but distracted mama grabbed the Three Little Pigs set by accident (doh - I just saw the wolf). No matter - still made for a cute gift in a Little Red Riding Hood-esque basket.

Our countdown is complete - we are looking forward to V-day tomorrow!


Favorite of the day: Next year's treats?

Working on: Making tri-tip that doesn't suck

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Lindsey Muth said...

My little boy just turned 2 and Playdoh is a huge favorite around here! We got the ice cream parlor set for his birthday and just opened it today - spent 2 hours making fake ice cream treats and pretending to eat them. Meanwhile, he's never had more than a taste of vanilla! haha! The character sets are super cute, I hadn't seen them before :)