Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Here are a few highlights from our day ~

Dad (actually one of our guests, Uncle Jimmy, first, then dada) woke up to a shower filled with fun sayings a la How Does She. This gift was supposed to come with a clean shower, too, and I left a note to that effect. Loove the shower crayons as a gift idea, and scored a few sets on clearance at Target for $2.50 to stash away for gifts.

Hank woke up to a "heart attack" with mama made paper hearts adorning his closet doors. Little does he know that his dad gave his mom's apartment a heart attack many years ago, and some nice young lady "spotted" (same idea but with circles) his dad's house years before that.

Then we exchanged gifts - mama received chocolate and a book light for her Kindle, Hank enjoyed his robot and the chocolate that came with it, and dada received

a comic book. Scud #5 to be exact. Scud came into the picture again after a long hiatus, with BT reading an entry on Reddit about a recent issue of Communitywhere the case members played AD&D 2e, which is an old school version ofDungeons & Dragons that BT may or may not play on occasion (but, if he admits to playing, he would want me to clarify he plays an edition even older than this one. Not that anyone is admitting to anything.) So anyway, when they are telling the back story of a character called "Fat Neil," there is a scene with falling comic books. One of them is an issue of Scud: The Disposable Assassin - a rather obscure comic written by Rob Schrab who is friends with Dan Harmon - writer/executive producer for Community. Somehow these guys are linked to Parks and Recreation, which is one of my fave shows. Did you get all that? Our Venn diagram of interests has few overlaps. I'll take 'em.

When BT and I were dating, we frequented many comic book stores. I never knew what he was into at any given time (just that he liked Marvel - NOT DC) and what his mission was, but mine was always to look in the used comics bins for Scud #5. It is a rare comic, but not too pricey. Why? Because not many people have it on their radar. It is was a fun read if I recall correctly, and I liked the graphics. At any rate, though I vowed many years ago not to turn to Ebay to find Scud #5, I finally broke down and did just that. Mission complete.

On the way to school, Hank and Mama stopped at Krispy Kreme for mini sprinkle donuts for ourselves and Hank's teachers. We then brought our classroom Valentines to school

made using robot wind up toys from the Target party section (I stash wind up toys in my purse to pull out when we are at a restaurant and need a distraction), Smarties, and the bags are closed with pages from a notepad from the Target dollar section.

Mama then went to work with her free Valentines from Krispy Kreme (each good for one free donut - score!) and these

made using the Family Fun tutorial (I couldn't find Big Red so I made paper sleeves for the gum to keep the wings from getting pulled down by the rubber band) and the perfect addition - these flags from giverslog.

We had dinner at home with our guests, and realized Hank gets severe diaper rash when he eats too much sugar. Would it be wrong to tell him that he is allergic to sugar when he is inclined to eat too much crap as he gets older?


Favorite of the day: Just liked reading about people sharing the love

Working on: I didn't even get the dishes done!

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telfair said...

Wow what a fun day!! I love the 'heart attack'!! I'm going to do that next year - if I can be sure that Lily will sleep through it...she's potentially too nosy.
Glad you guys had a happy V-day! <3