Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The fabric that wouldn't diiiiiiieee

I picked up this fabric thrifting several years ago.

It was about a yard and a half total, and seemed like it would have many possibilities. I loved it, then liked it - enough so that I was still willing to use it and get rid of it, versus donating it back to the thrift store.

You saw a small piece of this fabric used here

(Sarah posted pics of Sammi's room today and it is gorgeous, just like Sammi herself!)

A project you did not see since I fell off the blog wagon around Christmas was this pillow. It was a gift for the littlest Bluebird girl's birthday, made using the fabric sewn over a pillow form and the rest of the red yarn from the Christmas gift pompoms knit into a cover. The pillow was adorned with crocheted flowers from Ikea (Lusy). In hindsight, I wish I had just given Lizzie the flowers to sew on herself, as she is old enough to do such things now.

I have cut up the fabric so many times intending to make different projects that I ended up with a bunch of long strips and random squares - not very helpful. The final project for the fabric that would not die ended up being this wreath

made by tying strips of the fabric around a styrofoam wreath form, adding one of these paper mache hearts, and a cute sticker from a dear friend.

One small scrap is left - I can live with that.


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leslie said...

oh my! i will have to copy your wreath, such a great idea to use up scraps of fabric!!! xo