Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another small room update

for the little guy. Still in transition to a big boy room, but have updated a few more elements (see previous update here)

We did do the "bookshelves" as promised. They are spice shelves from Ikea (Bekvam) as seen on Ohdeedoh. This is such a great idea!! Fit really well in a narrow space, and actually hold a lot of books (I added books selectively for the pic, but usually they are filled with 8-10 books each!) Books have been toppled from the shelves, but so far the shelves have not been used as a ladder. Pshew.

Another swap out was to replace a monkey-faced rack with this handmade version. I bought the wood cut off etsy, then mounted it on a piece of wood with routed edges from Michaels. I painted wooden door knobs to add to the bottom. I decided to leave the rest of the piece unpainted for now.

The last thing to change out will be the crib for a bed. I know this is a transition many parents dread, but we are really really dreading it. Hank is sooo super strong-willed. Some nights when I am watching him flailing around in his crib, banging his head, or screaming at the top of his lungs, that back in the old days they may have thought he was possessed. If somebody sold me a magic elixir, I would probably would have bought it. But, other nights we find the proper compromise between what he wants and what we need (a break!), and things go much more smoothly. In any case, trying to hold off on the bed as long as we can!


Favorite of the day: BT wishes I would make these for Monday

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vilterietje said...

it's becomming a big bous room now:)

Coleen said...

Yup a big boy bed in our future too. And loooong nights I'm sure. I'm thinking of the Leksvik children's extendable bed b/c he's going to have to share a room with the baby (and therefore the crib from the Leksvik series we already use). I thought this way we could at least avoid side rails. Are you going straight to a twin bed? We really need to tackle potty training. Would loooove any advice there! Good luck!

Emy said...

Maybe letting him make some decisions about the bedding will ease the transition. Perhaps hideous Thomas sheets? Making a big deal about him being a big boy would help too. Does your crib convert?

laura - mostlycrafty said...

The bookshelf idea is so cute. I wish we had an IKEA here!

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