Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hoping for a lead-free 2011

If you live in California, you are used to seeing signs like these

You see this warning everywhere - in parking structures, at the gas station, on apartment buildings. In fact you see this sign so often that you start to block it out.

But, I couldn't help but notice a similar warning recently hanging off the shelf of balsamic vinegar at Cost Plus (and later at Ralphs, and even Whole Foods). The warning was re-worded to indicate the food itself contained the chemical, and in this case it was very specific as to what that chemical was - lead. The warning is repeated on the label of the vinegar bottles, and, as far as I could tell, applied to nearly every brand on the shelves. Here is a little more info.

Now, I *know* I have a tendency to get freaky about things related to food safety, and undoubtedly "an expert" would say the amount of lead is below the limit that would cause harm blah blah blah, and there are undoubtedly things that are way worse for you at the grocery store that aren't labelled at all. But come on - as crappy as our food is overall, not many things have a sign on the the shelf and the container that caution you about its consumption (alcohol and cigarettes, of course, but not many food items).

In the past we have used a lot more balsamic vinegar than we do now (we used to swirl it with olive oil to dip bread in - super yum), but still wanted to see if there was a lead-free (or at least didn't require a Prop 65 warning) brand out there.

This is what I came up with. Hopefully they are on the up and up, as I bought 6 bottles of vinegar - for my use, and to give as gifts to my freaky about food foodie friends. We should start a club.


Favorite of the day: This is just the solution we needed to have some of those hip and happening forward facing bookshelves that 1) will fit in a narrow space, 2) are cheap, and 3) don't require waiting for dada to get around to making some for us.

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Jane said...

Thanks for doing the leg work on this. I had just sort of given up. Incidentally, the most disturbing place I ever saw one of those signs was in the dessert case at Cheesecake Factory. Only in CA!

vilterietje said...

eeeeks! pretty scaring thought!
good luck and love, riet:)

Alicia P. said...

Hello beautiful girl -- I was just thinking of you today and hoping all is well. [Now off to check our balsamic -- eek!] xoxo, alicia

Dottie said...

I can't thank you enough for finding this! I remember being so bummed about that when I was pregnant.

I'm going off to buy a couple of bottles right now!

- Dottie