Sunday, January 02, 2011

Crafty recap

On to brighter memories of 2010 - crafting projects! Here are some highlights from the previous year ~

January - the bed pocket, February - burlap wreath, March - stroller blankie

October - Halloween wreath, November - wish wreath, December - calendar Christmas cards

I still love giving gifts even more than I do receiving them! Here were a few of my favorites

July - picnic set, August - baby animal quilt, September - photo wall (pics were sent in the couple's thank you cards - it counts!),

October - pirate kit, November - ballerina blankie, December - chalkboard mugs

(mosaics created using fd's Flickr Toys)

Also up for 2010 was a new tutorial -~ how to make a brooch from an eyeglass lens

The whole work basket project petered out mid-year once I became a part-time party planner (haha). You do recall the Baby Shower,

and Reception, right?

(other parties during the year included the canning party, a bachelorette party, Hank's trash truck themed birthday party, some decorations for an Italian themed baby shower, and a Who-ville inspired lunch)

Best wishes for a crafty 2011! I'm hoping for even more fun crafts, more gift-giving, more parties, and, yes, even more work basket projects :)


Favorite of the day: I was happy to shuttle our deader than a doornail Christmas tree out the door two days after Christmas, but would love it if next year's tree could make it until New Year's Eve, and be re-purposed like this.

Working on: Dishes


Junie Moon said...

I loved reading your Crafty Recap post. Your projects have me thinking about things to try in 2011. May this year be a happier time for you and your family. I certainly look forward to discovering what new ventures you pursue.

Jane said...

I really loved all your projects this year. Your parties especially were wonderful. Mostly I love that you do these things as a working woman with real life concerns, time and money constraints.

Happy New Year!

My Little Kaleidoscope Light said...

i'm definitely going to make the bed pocket because I think it such a fab idea and my bedside definitely needs one.


sweet little sister said...

What an eventful year!!! So many projects! As I was about to ask where you find the time- I realize it's the reason you forego sleep. I hope 2011 brings you a perfect balance of inspired craft & peaceful nights :) love ya!!