Friday, January 28, 2011


Our 9 year anniversary was earlier this month.

Despite my mom being in town that day, we never did make it out for an anniversary date. As mentioned, Hank had a little surgery this month. Despite the optimistic claim in the discharge papers that the worst of the recovery would be over in 2-3 days, we found that not to be the case. We are finally (a week and a half later) on the upswing, but think we will have a few more weeks until we get back to a *normal* level of crying/tantruming/etc.

In any case, I simply had to buy BT an anniversary gift based on the traditional anniversary gift list. Number nine is pottery (who knows what list I looked at last year that said number eight was pottery too??) I found a Benihana mug at a local antique store (here is a nifty blog dedicated to these mugs!)

I wanted to find a bottle of Chinese whiskey to go with the mug. The significance was that we had Chinese mai tais (probably similar to this recipe - uses whiskey instead of the rum you would expect to find in a mai tai) at some Chinatown dive bar on our trip to San Francisco. I thought the booze portion of the gift would be a nice remembrance of that long ago trip, and we are always looking for more mugs to add to our collection. I didn't have time to drive around L.A. to get exactly what I was looking for, but found a bottle of Japanese whiskey at BevMo, which was probably more appropriate anyway with the sumo wrestler mug.

Number ten's fall back gift next year if I run out of time will be a case of beer (aluminum) :)

* We are purposely being a little cagey about the nature of the surgery, and I apologize about that - it is something that could easily be misunderstood and miscommunicated. We would just a soon shred all the papers associated with the procedure and pretend that it never took place!


Favorite of the day: Didn't think these three words could be used in conjunction with each other, but this is one stylish diaper cake.

Working on: Gifties for some high school friends!


vilterietje said...

A very happy anniversary! love the presents:)

African Kelli said...

such creative gifts! love this. happy anniversary!