Tuesday, December 07, 2010


A bit more on the presents to accompany the Whoville tree

As mentioned, I had good luck finding plenty of wrapping accompaniments to go with this year's Grinch-y theme. In addition to the fun wrapping paper, I envisioned huge pompoms adorning each box.

The yarn I wanted to use for this purpose is a big, fluffy yarn that usually is (or used to be) available this time of year. It was sold on a spool , and was located in the ribbon section of the craft store. According to my pal Barb, it is used to wrap presents, just as I intended to do. Well, I couldn't find this yarn. Hrmpf. So, I was forced to buy "real" yarn. A yarn this thick was not exactly cheap - about $6 per skein. In theory I could have spent $24 on yarn just to use for pompoms to adorn the packages that will be ripped open in 10 minutes flat!

Now, I did get the yarn on sale for 40% off, but still looking at a hefty chunk of change for package adornments. What to do...?

Well, the first skein was easy. This yarn brand only came in 6 colors, and the green did not end up working for my packages. It worked great, though, to make a Grinch-y green wreath!

The purple and aqua were used to make...

scarves for the Bluebird girls! I made these on size 35(!) needles, so, yeah - it only took about 30 minutes to knit each from start to finish. I just have the red left, but I am sure I will come up with an alternate use for it as well.

Back to the Who-presents. The paper pad I bought at Michaels (shown here) had a great assortment of paper and stickers. Instead of focusing too much on labelling each present with names, I "character-coded" them to make it easy for the little one to see which gifts belong to him. Hank is Max the dog, my mom is Cindy Lou Who, and my dad is - well - the Grinch. Not too far off the mark on that one :)

In a further effort to use the yarn efficiently, I will be saving the pompoms to make a Christmas craft for next year!


Favorite of the day: I thought there was something, but I lost it...

Working on: Cards (still)

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